My work is an expression of my own thoughts , dreams and remembrances. I have always been fascinated with history, science and the natural world and those beings that inhabit it. Mixing contemporary and traditional themes, with the blending of light, texture, layering and sometimes movement is all part of the fun.

Many disparate images come together in my assemblages which always begin with a sketch, (sometimes a bit of a story) which then evolves into a painting followed by inclusion into a box of some sort and is further enhanced by found objects.

Some of my work is symbolic while others are just as they appear -
no high falutin artsy fartsy mumbo jumbo.
I prefer the observer to draw their own conclusions!
My inspirations and influences are: cabinets of curiosity, Rauschenberg, Cornell, Khalo, outsider art, wunderkind, collectors, Victorian crafts, flotsam and jetsam, Rufus Wainwright, Bosch, folk art, Grey Gardens, dictionaries, textiles, fashion and Grandmother .

The Facts:
Graduate of Pennsylvania School of Art and Design, 1983
Started Momentos 1996
My work can be founded at several juried art shows across the country including Virginia Craft Festivals, Artful Fest in Costa Mesa, CA and Celebration of American Craftsmen in Wilton, CT.
My work is also available through several retailers across the country including the American Folk Art Museum, City Folk Gallery in Lancaster, PA , and Earth Angels in Warwick New York.
Publicity: Country Living Magazine, Victoria Magazine, Home Companion Magazine, Early American Life Magazine and local publications